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What is Naturopathic Medicine

         Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of healing. In Canada, naturopathic doctors are primary care practitioners with training that is comparable to conventional doctors in the areas of diagnostic testing, physical examination, pharmaceuticals, differential diagnosis and more. Tracey Folkard has prescription rights and intravenous license in the province of Ontario. Speciality treatments such as stem cell therapy, chelation and more can be delegated by your medical doctor. 


       Naturopathic doctors are extensively educated in the medical application of botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine. A naturopathic doctor’s role is to assist the body in its self-regulating and self-healing capabilities with gentle therapies that have minimal side-effects.


       Naturopathic medicine recognizes and addresses the fact that the whole body and the environment we live in are interrelated. Preventative medicine on the individual level is an essential component of therapy along with treating the underlying cause of disease.


    On your first appointment a detailed case history and physical exam will be performed. Testing is often recommended and can include tradition blood tests and/or bioenergetic testing for imbalances. Every client receives bioimpedance analysis for weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and water.  Follow-up appointments depend on clients needs and are ½ hour in length. The goal for every client is to strive for independence and self maintenance. Clients are often re-assessed 1-2 X per year to ensure they are remaining on tract preventatively.

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  • intramuscular/micronutrient therapy

  • Trad. Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture

  • high dose nutrient therapy

  • IV nutrient therapy

  • Hormone balance

  • inhalation nebulizer

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Counselling

  • Full Naturopathic Prescription Rights

  • customized treatment plans

  • Lab and Allergy Testing

  • Medical Herbalism

  • Homeopathy


A balanced approach to healing.

If you need more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, please be in touch. You can contact me via phone or email.

(705) 254-1080

 1415 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie

Ontario P6A 2G1

Hours of Operation

Tues-Fri 9am-6pm


(705) 254-1080

1415 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie

Ontario   P6A 2G1

Hours of Operation

Tues-Fri 9am-6pm

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